Types of Care

In person, by phone, or video (Skype or FaceTime)


Complete Care (ages 5 and up)

COMPLETE CARE: Classic homeopathic approach, as homeopathy was developed. I will recommend one homeopathic remedy for you, based on your entire health history including all of your current symptoms and qualities, your chronic intermittent symptoms and any past symptoms or events related to your health and well-being, as well as your family health history. This kind of homeopathic treatment can reduce the impact of or resolve a great many conditions. (See Benefits)

During the intake we will also review all labs (if any), and discuss nutritional guidance, supplements and herbs which might be needed. (See Methods of Treatment)

The intake appointment takes about three hours for adults, and two hours for kids. For verbal children, I will need time to speak with them.

You can use call in hours offered (See Communications Policies below) for interim support as needed. Best results from treatment are obtained by compliance with recommendations, regular follow ups until symptoms are resolved and staying in contact with me.

A follow-up is scheduled for 3-4 weeks after the in-take.

  • Fee: $300
  • 180 minutes

Complete Care for small children (infant - 4 years old)

  • COMPLETE CARE FOR INFANTS AND SMALL CHILDREN: Classic homeopathic approach for children.
  • A full individual health history is taken,family health history, and pregnancy and birth history. One or more chronic issues are addressed and an individualized plan of care is created. This plan could include nutritional supplements, herbs, dietary guidelines, as well as homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are included in the fee for the visit. (See Methods of Treatment)

Once the intake is complete, the child is considered one of my clients and can be seen in my office for all acute illnesses (both treatment and prevention), injuries, etc.

  • A follow-up is recommended 2-3 weeks later.
  • Fee: $300
  • 180 minutes

Focused Care

FOCUSED INTAKE: address one chronic symptom, for relatively healthy people (if you do not have multiple chronic conditions and are not taking any pharmaceuticals). Examples are: chronic cough, dengue fever, or other self-limiting communicable diseases, chronic pain from an injury such as low back pain, sciatica, seasonal allergies, etc.

One homeopathic remedy is recommended after a 90 minute appointment (in person or remote) to reduce the pain and/or frequency, or resolve your chronic ailment.

A follow-up 2-3 weeks later is recommended.

  • Fee: $150
  • 90 minutes

Acute Care

ACUTE CARE: resolve pain or discomfort associated with one short-term self-limiting condition (after medical diagnosis and/or appropriate treatment). A remedy is selected only based on your current symptoms, and can help resolve it but not prevent it from reoccurring as in Complete Care.

  • Injuries - remedies to help speed healing from acute sprains, back injuries/ pain, concussion, broken bones, torn or inflamed tendons and ligaments, bursitis, carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries, burns
  • Colds & Flu, Cough, Sore Throat
  • Food poisoning
  • Ear Aches, Sinusitis
  • Infants - teething pain, insomnia, colic
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum - morning sickness and nausea, itching skin during pregnancy, sore back and joints, pre and post-partum remedies to prevent soreness and trauma, mastitis, heartburn
  • Travel Sickness - motion sickness, jet lag, traveller's diarrhea
  • Digestive Upset or Constipation - stomach flu
  • Dental Pain
  • Pre and Post Surgery - soreness, nausea or negative effects from anesthesia, speed healing of tissues, incisions
  • Fee: $60 for established clients only
  • 50 minutes


  • I recommend a Follow-up appointment sometime between 3 and 4 weeks after you begin homeopathic treatment. (Depending on intensity of current symptoms) This is the appropriate amount of time to assess the action of the remedy, and objectively compare how you are in all areas of your health and well being to before the administration of homeopathic remedy.

    You may or may not need another dose of the remedy, or a different remedy.

    Fee: $85 including homeopathic remedy in most cases.

  • 60 minutes

Homeopathic prescription refill without appointment:

(for established clients with remedies which have already been proven effective):

Fee: $25


Travel Consultation

  • TRAVEL CONSULTATION: for a planned trip either at home or abroad. In this appointment, we review CDC guidelines for your geographic region of travel, and create an individualized plan of care for both prevention and treatment of illness and injury.
  • We explore common scenarios for injury, illnesses, vector-born and communicable diseases of the region.
  • You will leave with a tool-kit of specific items highly customized for your trip.
  • For established and non-established clients.
  • Fee: $125
  • 90 minutes


Homeopathic medicine works very well on animals. I have successfully treated allergies, anxiousness, poisoning, snake bites, idiopathic neurological conditions, fevers, amongst other issues.

A follow-up is recommended.

  • Fee: $75
  • 60 minutes

Master Plan Comprehensive Health Coaching

  • This is concierge service.
  • I typically have only a few openings per quarter.
  • If you are interested in this highly individualized form of care, please contact me for pricing and details.

Communication Guidelines

Interim Support/Call-in Time: For scheduling, brief check-ins and acute complaints, please call during morning call-in time. There is no charge for calls during this time. These are intended to be brief calls that can be taken care of in 5 minutes or so; if an acute appointment is required, it can often be scheduled later that day.

Call in time is 6:00am-6:30 am CST Monday–Thursday each week (Sept 1 - June 1) 7:00am-7:30am CST Monday-Friday (June 1-Sept 1 -summer months)

Acute Illness - Clients with urgent conditions may call/text Lizzie’s cell phone 512-560-6387; there is always an acute consult fee ($60) for an urgent call/text to this cell phone. (See Acute Care above for details as to what constitutes an acute)

Email - Clients can email the office for scheduling, questions and other non-urgent topics. Emails are returned as time allows, which can be more than 72 hours in times of high traffic.

Global Tele-health, Off-Site Consultation

All of the above treatment options are available around the world through Telehealth via Skype or Facetime. Se Habla Español.

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