Margery Segal LPC, RSMT, IDME, PBAT

Every child needs a secure attachment. Every child needs to bond securely and strongly with their parents or caregivers. Often children with special needs have experienced an interruption in their bonding and attachment due to medical interventions, difficult births, and immune system challenges. They may have experienced NICU stays, extreme discomfort and isolation, or families may have spent countless hours in physical therapies due to medical, physical, or communication challenges. Often times, the parents have experienced extreme stress due to the nature of raising a child that includes the necessity of coping with life/death issues and worries about their children’s and family’s future.

I work with children and families in two ways. I offer Developmental Movement repatterning sessions for children that may have missed a developmental stage or movement opportunity. This provides a foundation to all learning and movement (fine and gross motor strength) in later life as well enhancing connection and self-empowerment!

Also, I offer sessions to bring back the joy and playfulness of bonding and secure attachment. I employ whole movement and play therapy games to repair the missed places of connection and regrow the delight of secure attachment and bonding. The results are improved eye contact, higher participation in decision making and learning opportunities, creative strategies for problem solving, expanded emotional intelligence, and many, many more hugs and giggles. Parents feel supported to re-fall in love with their children and notice their strengths, courage, innate intelligence and the unique gifts they offer the world.

Sessions are set up to include both parents and/or caregivers and the infant or child, when-ever possible.

Developmental Movement repatterning sessions are available or included as part of therapy to enhance movement and learning ability in children of all ages. Please refer to my website at for more info.

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