Lizzie Martinez, MA, DHom, MHom, CCH

I use homeopathy, and a functional medicine approach, to address the complete health of each child. Other modalities can include diet, life style changes, detoxification, supplements and herbs. Just as no two children are the same, no two treatment plans are ever the same. I do a comprehensive intake, reviewing family health history, pregnancy/birth history, onset of symptoms, presentation, individualizing characteristics of diagnosis and detailed assessment of behaviors (if any). Results from diagnostic tests are used, when needed, to assess issues such as; endocrine function, nutrient deficiencies, methylation, heavy metal toxicity, amongst others.

Having a child with special need led me down the path to become a homeopathic practitioner. My quest to find the best care for her, to ensure that I left no stone unturned to help her, to research all methods of complimentary and alternative medicine, has led me to create a practice like the one I wanted when my child was a baby: comprehensive, connected, results oriented.

Parenting a high needs child for over a decade, has given me a wealth of experiential practice from which to draw. I routinely counsel parents on topics such as setting boundaries, advocacy, behavioral intervention and management.

I am Board Certified in Homeopathic medicine, and have a Master’s degree in clinical level work. I am also a certified CEASE therapist, and use this approach when called for in a case.

Potential benefits of homeopathic and functional medicine approach can be: improved sleep, behavioral balance, (reduce/resolve tantrums, explosive behaviors, anxiety, oppositional/defiance), strengthened immune system, resolution of skin symptoms, improved digestion, improved cognition.

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