Alyson Shirey

Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Professional Consultant

Alyson offers professional consultations to families to help guide them through the myriad of choices available. Consultations are approximately 2 hours in length and include an in-depth family interview, basic screening of selected areas (i.e. sensory processing, fine motor, visual motor etc.) and follow-up recommendations. Families leave with clear information (both procedural and financial) regarding intervention options for their child. They also have a partner for life along their journey.

As a pediatric Occupational Therapist of 23 years, and local Austin practitioner, Alyson has comprehensive knowledge of the many resources available in our city. In 2000, Alyson co-founded Little Tesoros Therapy Services; she sold the practice in 2014, to be home with her 2 children, one of whom needs additional support. She has specialized training in Neurodevelopmental Therapy, Sensory Integration/Processing, Feeding Therapy and Auditory Processing. Her commitment is that children and families are empowered and connected – regardless of the circumstances.

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