Time for Healthcare Independence

It might happen overnight, while we’re sleeping. The Affordable Care Act is on the verge of being repealed right before our eyes. And while it has hardly revolutionized healthcare, with its skyrocketing, unchecked premiums and massive deductibles. It did give us a modicum of a safety by allowing pre-existing conditions to be covered. But that is all fleeting and hardly an answer to a system so broken, I can scarcely call it a ‘healthcare’ system, because it mostly engenders stress in individuals, which is the opposite of health.

We’ve come to expect so little.

In actuality, it would help all of us to stop calling it a ‘healthcare’ system, and call it what it really is: an insurance system. A healthcare system would be a comprehensive system of care that included access to many modalities of medicine, prevention, nutritional guidance, manual therapies, access to pharmaceuticals, when needed, and life saving measures (such as surgery, reconstruction, antibiotics) when needed. But, in all honesty, we now pay exorbitant monthly premiums IN CASE something happens to us. The rest is basically up to us.

This is where Healthcare Independence begins.

There is a beacon of hope arising amidst all of this uncertainty. Alternative medicine, and homeopathy in particular, is inching its way in a small, but steady wave into our consciousness, onto the shelves and back into our health. Ancient, effective systems of medicine returning when we need them most.

Check out my photo above.

I took this photo a few weeks ago at my local grocery store. Not the natural foods store, or the exclusive branch of this supermarket that caters to lovers of organics. This is what we call, the ‘regular’ store. And there, in the newly made alternative medicine aisle, was this sign for “Homeopathy”.

I almost fainted when I saw it.

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine. You can buy the blue and purple tubes here at your local store to treat presenting symptoms, or you can go a step further and own a home prescribing kit. With a fifty remedy kit, and a good prescribing book, the average lay person can take their health, and the health of their family into their own hands, saving themselves thousands of dollars. Homeopathy can treat headaches, injuries, viruses, infections, snake bites, rashes, ear infections…the list goes on. Anyone can learn its basic prescribing principles and start to see results. And once you start to see results, right in front of your eyes - you get hooked!

The health consciousness revolution has already started - knowledge and awareness of nutrition, detoxification and alternative medicine are on the rise all around us.

The tools are here to educate ourselves.

The time for us to take back the power and ownership of our health with knowledge and skill, is now.

Here’s a link to my favorite kit:

Here are the links to my two favorite prescribing books:


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