Expanding Knowledge in the treatment of children with Special Needs

In two weeks, I’m off to California get training and certification in a method of healing, called CEASE therapy.

I’m so thrilled!

I’ll be joining homeopaths from around the world to learn this powerful method of alternative medicine used to treat autism and autism spectrum disorders.

CEASE (which stands for Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression), is a protocol created by Dr. Tinus Smits, a Dutch homeopathic physician. It is aimed at treating the underlying toxicity of the human organism, as presented in those on the autism spectrum. However, more recently it is also being used in other expressions of this issue - when underlying toxicity is at the core of someone’s chronic disease picture.

Here’s a great description of the issues around human toxicity from a CEASE therapist:

“Our modern environment contains literally thousands of toxic chemical substances that assault our bodies on a daily basis. Toxic influences can include chemicals in floorings and furnishings, medications, vaccines, heavy metals, pesticides and mercury amalgam fillings, to name a few. Our bodies cleverly try to maintain homeostasis or balance by storing these toxins in various places but sometimes our accumulated toxic burden can overwhelm our defense mechanisms.

Many of these toxins will disrupt our endocrine system, which includes such organs as our adrenals and thyroid. Heavy metals can affect our nervous system and some are very slow to act and accumulate over time so may show their effects more severely as we age (such as aluminum levels in the brain which can be a factor in Alzheimer’s). These toxins can disrupt our flora in the digestive system impairing our assimilation of nutrients, and influencing our mind and emotions.”

Being a certified CEASE therapist will add another level of depth and skill to my growing knowledge in the treatment of chronic illness in adults and children.

And...becoming a certified CEASE practitioner, adds to my dream to provide quality, results-oriented treatment for children with special needs.

Check out the amazing practitioners we have at New Horizons Center for Children:

To learn more about CEASE, read here:

I'll keep you all posted from California!

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